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Frequently Asked Questions

David Wright - Queensland No1 House Remover

How Far Will You Take My House?

David Wright House Removers can travel and have traveled as far as North QLD. We have just recently been to Dingo Beach. NSW have different regulations as the RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority) have different regulations.

How Much Will It Cost?

David Wright House Removers will move your house as far North as Maryborough in the price listed on the house. We will move you're your house as far west as: Blackbutt/Nanango in the price. Also to Laidley/ Plainlands area. This is included in your price. Outside this area we may charge extra for the police escorts etc. David Wright House Removers will travel over 100kms in the price with your house. We guarantee to provide you the best quality service.

Will You Move My House?

David Wright House Removers can move your house subject to a site inspection (both ends). We will provide you with a written quotation valid for 30 days.  This quote is free of charge.

 Will You Buy My House?

David Wright House Removers will be happy to view your house with the intention of purchasing. We will give you a fair market price and advice on the process. We generally require a minimum of 3 weeks notice to shift house. We have a storage yard, need your house off in hurry, we can guarantee it off.

Will You Find Me A House?

Upon request will keep a record of your needs and when we find a house that will suit we are more than happy to give you first option. The newest option is to register your details on the internet and all the latest houses that arrive in our depot will get emailed directly to you.

Raises & Slides on Site

We can provide these services and arrange free quotes however time frames vary and may require a waiting period. Please enquire as to availability.


Plan your renovations so that you are able to obtain you certificate of occupancy. This will enable you to move into you home and have your council bond monies refunded. David Wright House Removers can assist with quotes for decks and alterations once your house has been moved, to save you time and money. David Wright is a qualified builder and has highly trained staff.

Who Organizes The Foundations?

David Wright House Removers can organize for the stumping of your house after it is placed on site. The stumping of the house usually takes about 3-5 days. Stumping price lists are usually attached to your quotation, however if you purchase a house from our depot then stumping is included lowset in this price. On the day of pouring the footings David Wright House Removers will provide a posthole inspection which is required for your final approval.

Who Organizes My Roof?

David Wright House Removers can organize for a new roof to be placed on your house if required. Most houses in our depot include new zinc roof and gutters in the price supplied and placed lowset... All roofs will generally require upgrade to at least W41 cyclone proofing. If this is not included in your quote it can be completed by David Wright House Removers upon a fee. (dependant on the size of the roof) The council will then inspect and provide a copy of Tie Down certificate which is required for your final approvals.

Council Approvals

Council approval is required to move your house. This involves liaising with the relevant council to obtain building approval. David Wright House Removers can assist you with this. No administration fee will be charged if you buy a house from us. Owners are responsible for the council fees, but we do NOT charge a fee to help you get your house approved.

Council Bonds

All councils require performance bonds. These amounts vary greatly and are payable in cash or as a bank guarantee. These bonds can be returned at certain stages during the building process if paid in cash. Bank guarantees are held by the council until the final inspection made by the council, then released back to your bank. The purpose of these bonds is to ensure completion of the works to satisfactory standards.

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