What’s Involved?

When it’s time to move your house to your land, depending on the length of the route and when we are leaving, as owner’s you are welcome on the shift. David and the crew normally leave at midnight under police and pilot escort to relocate your home. If the house is cut into two sections, this is done carefully and with all consideration’s made to the aesthetics of the building to ensure the house travels in the best conditions. All sections of the house are securely tied to the trailer when loading and transporting the home to our custom made TRT trailer.Should the roof be lowered or removed for transport to reduce height, tarps are used to prevent water damage.

The owner will be required on site at daybreak to ensure the house is in the right position before unloading. The house is unloaded, rejoined with the roof placed back on the day the house arrives to your site. The team also dig the footings, hang the stumps, and pour concrete on this same day.

Prices quoted are G.S.T. inclusive and cover the purchase and the relocation of the building to the new site within our surrounding shires up to 100kms, including up to Gympie shire. The price also includes the low set stumping of 0.9mt off the ground using dur-gal steel stumps.We can transport houses further than 100kms however, extra costs for this do apply. Should you require further information on this, please contact our friendly office staff.

Carrying out additional work

David Wright House Removers do not complete additions to the house such as power, plumbing, or renovations.

We can offer to complete cyclone strapping in the roof, insulation in the roof and re-stumping higher than the included 0.9mt.

If you would like your home relocated or restumped, enquire at the office and we can book an appointment for David to meet you at the property location and give you a free quote and advice on what options suit you best.

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  • All our work is insured by QBCC
  • Public Liability on all of our jobs
  • Building’s insured by us against structural damage from the commencement of our work until lowered onto foundations

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Council Bond

Most Councils require a bond for the removal house that range from ranging from $8,000 to $80,000. The bond must be paid by the owner and is returned to them upon the house being finalised and made livable. Some councils will accept a bank guarantee for the bond. Somerset, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Gympie Councils no longer require a bond.


Council Fees

Ranging from approximately $6,500 up to $8,000. This does not include any town planning fees. We can help you organise and lodge all the required documents to council. We do not charge an administration fee on our houses. It is the owner’s responsibility to pay for all the fee’s that may be required. Further information can be provided on this if required.

Plumbing Normal Septic

$8,000 – $10,000 or Treatment Plant (HSTP) usually ranging from $12,000 – $15,000 installed at your home. You will need a licensed plumber to complete the installation and connections for you. They will need to arrange for the plumbing to be inspected through the council.


Approximately allow $8,000 – $10,000 for your power and re-connections. You will need a licensed electrician to complete these works and provide their certificate on completion.

Cyclone Proofing The Roof To N3/W41 

David Wright Properties offer to complete the cyclone strapping to N3/W41 for an extra cost of $2,500 Inc. GST. If your property is further north and requires further strapping, this can be quoted as required.

Extra Footage

Depending on the slope of your land and how you would like the house stumped will depend on if there is extra footage required for the re-stumping. This is quoited as extra prior to the house relocation.

Renovations To Your Home 

Any personal touches or changes you would like to make to your home.

Stumping Highset to Legal Height 

To stump the house to 2.7mt off the ground, the extra cost will depend on the size of the house, how many stumps are underneath and what additions are required with the beams and cross bracing. David Wright Properties quote the highset stumping upon the full set of plans and engineering being supplied. With the ever increasing costings of steel, you can contact our office for a more accurate estimate on the costs involved


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