Council Fees & Bond

All councils require a performance bond. These bonds can be returned at certain stages during the building process if paid in cash. Bank guarantees are held by the council until the final inspection made by the council, then released back to your bank. The purpose of these bonds is to ensure completion of the works to satisfactory standards.

Council Fees

If you decide to buy one of our homes you will sign a contract and usually pay a 10% deposit. This contract is subject to council approval, plans, engineer’s reports and soil tests which are all required before submitting building applications and can be arranged by us on your behalf. It is the owner’s responsibility to pay any council fees.

Council bond

Each council requires a bond. It is required by all councils because past owners failed to complete service connections, painting and sufficient facilities required by the council. Instead of paying a cash bond you can provide council with a bank guarantee, which is a letter from the bank guaranteeing that you will complete the necessary work to fit the council’s requirements and you receive a finalisation certificate, the council will release the guarantee back to the bank.

If you pay the council a cash bond, the council does not hold the bond until complete, instead they will release the bond to you in stages as the work progresses.

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  • Building’s insured by us against structural damage from the commencement of our work until lowered onto foundations

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