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David Wright House Removers will remove and stump your house low-set to 0.9mt within 100km included in the price.

If your land is located further, that’s no problem for David Wright.

Just contact our friendly staff for a quotation for the additional distance to your land.


Using hydraulic custom-made trailers to manoeuvre and lifting to 3 meters where necessary David and his team can travel through the hardest routes with the tightest roads and onto any site effortlessly.

All consideration is taken to the aesthetics of the building and all sections of the house when loading, the house is tied down to the trailer to secure for transport.

Where a part of the roof has been removed to reduce height, tarps are used to prevent water damage. The unloading, re-joining, and roof placement are completed with precision.

The crew normally leave the holding yard at midnight under police and pilot escort and arrive to the owner’s site in the early hours of the morning. The owners are required to be on site at daybreak to confirm the position of the house.


David Wright House Removers will be happy to view your house with the intention of purchasing. We will give you a fair market price and advice on the process. As we travel as a wide load, we require permits through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and timeframes for removals can vary.We do have multiple storage yards where we can move the house to if required. If you need your house off in hurry, we can guarantee the removal in the required timeframe.


Upon request,we can keep a record of your needs and when we find a house that will suit, we are more than happy to get in contact with you. The newest option is to register your details on the internet and all the latest houses that arrive in our depot will get emailed directly to you.


We can provide these services and arrange free quotes however time frames vary and may require a waiting period. Please enquire as to availability.


Plan your renovations so that you can obtain you certificate of occupancy. This will enable you to move into your home and have your council bond monies refunded.


David Wright House Removers can organize for the stumping of your house after it is placed on site. The stumping of the house usually takes about 3-5 days.

Stumping price lists are usually attached to your quotation, however if you purchase a house from our depot then stumping is included lowset in this price. On the day of pouring the footings David Wright House Removers will provide a posthole inspection which is required for your final approval.


David Wright House Removers can organize for a new roof to be placed on your house if required. Most houses in our depot include a new zinc roof and gutters in the price supplied and placed low set.

The roof will generally be required to be upgraded to at least N3/W41 cyclone strapping. If this is not included in your quote it can be completed by David Wright House Removers upon a fee and depending on the size of the roof.

The council will then inspect and provide a copy of Tie Down certificate which is required for your final approvals.


Council approval is required to move your house. This involves liaising with the relevant council to obtain building approval. David Wright House Removers can assist you with this.

No administration fee will be charged if you buy a house from us. Owners are responsible for the council fees, but we do NOT charge a fee to help you get your house approved.


Most councils require performance bonds. These amounts vary greatly and are payable in cash or sometimes are accepted as a bank guarantee. These bonds can be returned at certain stages during the building process if paid in cash.

Bank guarantees are held by the council until the final inspection made by the council, then released back to your bank. The purpose of these bonds is to ensure completion of the works to satisfactory standards.



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We guarantee to provide you the best quality service.

  • All our work is insured by QBCC
  • Public Liability on all of our jobs
  • Building’s insured by us against structural damage from the commencement of our work until lowered onto foundations

Am I Dealing with Experienced Professionals?

David Wright is Queensland’s No.1 and most experienced house remover.

David Wright is a Master Builder registered in Queensland with 32 years combined experience in the building and house removing industry offering a variety of services in house raising, house slides, re-stumping, asbestos removal, demolition and maintenance/carpentry services.

Our main holding depot at Burpengary East we have an ever changing display of removal homes for sale. You are free to browse them at your own leisure in our opening times.

Our friendly office staff can answer any of your queries or concerns and provide you with photos and floor plans for the houses of your interest. We provide ourselves in having an experienced knowledgeable team to help through every aspect of purchasing your removal home.

Inclusions and Additional Work

When purchasing a house from David Wright House Removers we include the delivery within 100kms from the holding depot and the low set stumping to 0.9mt using steel columns.

There may be an addition charge for delivery if you land location exceeds the 100kms. Timber and concrete stumps are available upon request and priced as a variation. David Wright House Removers can stump houses to any specification our clients require and the additional costs can be quoted prior to completing works.

The owner is responsible to complete the renovation works, power and plumbing internally and externally to the house once it has been stumped at the site. David Wright House Removers can provide the owners with details for tradespeople if required. It is usually best to use tradespeople in your local area.

Asbestos Removal and Demolition

David Wright Demolition manages the safe handling and removal of asbestos or asbestos containing materials from residential properties, schools, hospitals or any type of asbestos containing structure.

We also offer to complete demolition works in residential single or multi storey dwellings, garage and driveway demolition, shrub and tree/tree stump removal. Full or partial demolition can be completed on any size site. David Wright Demolition can also complete demolition works by hand if the site is restricted or has difficult access.

All asbestos removal is completed in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 QLD and the Code of Practice 2011 ‘How to Safely Remove Asbestos’.All demolition works are completed in accordance with the Demolition Work Code of Practise 2013 and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 QLD.




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